Following the big storm, we awoke to one of our large Maples snapped and caught by our other trees just before it could hit the house. On a day that I’m sure they were swamped, Chris answered our first call and was out to assess the situation and give us an estimate. After a long day of other emergency situations, his crew still arrived at our place just before dusk and did an amazing job both safely removing the hanging tree and cleaning up the debris from the storm and their work effort… the remaining part of our tree is nicely trimmed (now with a place to set a drink during yard games!) and the sidewalk looks cleaner than when they arrived. We were really impressed by their professionalism, the equipment they had to achieve the task in incredible time, and their clean up efforts post job. Notch Your Average Tree Service had a friendly crew that we are very likely to call on again to keep our trees healthy and trimmed… we highly recommend them.